Hair Loss In Women After Pregnancy

Post Partum Hair Loss Fixes

Pregnancy, birth and raising a child is some of the most magical times in a persons life. That moment when your brand new baby looks up at you is unlike any other. However, in this moment you really have no idea about all of the chaos that is about to hit your life. From that moment, you are responsible for another person.

Many like to say that at 18, children are off and on there own, but any mother of adult children will tell you, your job is really never done. Among this chaos is the changes that can happen in a mothers body post partum. Hair loss, acne and many other hormonal side effects happen.

Effects After Pregnancy

Post Partum Hair Loss
The hormonal effect of pregnancy can cause many changes. After pregnancy many women can experience tooth decay, acne and even hair loss. Most of the time, this hair loss is only for a short period of time and regrowth quickly happens. Some women don’t even notice it. But for some women, post partum hair loss is extreme and even when the hormones level out, the hair never regrows. Post Partum hair loss can be embarrassing and overwhelming. Luckily, in this modern day of medicine, there are options to help assist a woman in regaining her confidence and getting her hair back.

Hair Transplantation Options
As a brand new mom, you don’t have time to be down due to something as cosmetic as hair loss. This is why hair transplantation is such a great option. There is very little down time and the process is nearly painless. Along with that, it is relatively in expensive compared to other options. The results are also basically forever. The option of hair transplantation basically in layman terms is transplanting hair from one part of the head to another. Therefore, it is a long term option. No un handy maintenance of a hair piece or trying to match your hair color as it changes over time. Medication is also an option. And if the medication can help work out the hormone issue, then maybe that is the best option. But often times, even after the hormones are leveled out, the hair loss is still there. Hair Transplantation is the best option when compared to all the other options on the market.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy Costs

New mom life is expensive. From paying the hospital bill to paying for diapers there is always another place that money is leaking out of your pocket. Therefore, the fact that hair transplantation is really not that expensive is another great reason to try it. The cost can vary based on the extremity of the hair loss and what is needed. But an average cost is right around 3000 dollars. Which is nothing if you compare the cost to having and maintaining a hair piece. Singapore is the central hub of hair transplantation. The research of hair transplantation there has been boundless in the last decade and the have developed new and great ways to do it painlessly and more cost effectively.

Can Hair Transplantation Help?

Side Effects
The great thing about the hair transplantation is that there are basically no side effects. There is a small amount of pain that occurs during and after the procedure but quickly goes away. Singapore Doctor, Dr Tyng is able to get people in and out in basically two appointments. Along with the initial consult, there is one appointment that you harvest the hair and one where you re plant it in your head. It sounds goofy to call it planting, but that is exactly what it is. You basically are re planting hair in your head so once your scalp has healed and regrowth has started, you can basically treat it like all the other hair on your body.

This is a great option for those women out there who suffered massive post partum loss because of hormone changes. Don’t let suffering from hair loss be a part of your life. Singapore has developed great options that don’t require harsh medication on your body or constant maintenance of a hair piece. Pregnancy, birth and raising children is a magical piece of life, don’t let it be dampened!