Hair Loss In Men: Male Pattern Baldness

Male Hairloss Pattern
As a man matures sometimes the hair follicles do not follow, and sometimes its not age its male pattern baldness also known as alopecia. Sometimes the balding begins in the front or the crown of head and further extends. This may be troubling but don’t worry there are options to help you out. When balding occurs this can also trigger less self confidence and insecurity. Some men try hiding it with hats or try to style the hair that is left differently. Get rid of the hat, and change that hairstyle once you got your full lush locks back.

Tips To Help You Grow Back Your Hair

Here are some things that can be done about balding: First is a hair transplant, the second thing is oral medications, and lastly the robotic hair transplant.

These three tips will help you grow back that full lush hair and it is to block DHT, nourish the scalp and fortify with FUE.

DHT which is the main reason for hair loss. Therefore to grow the hair you need to remove the DHT from the scalp. Blocking DHT is easy with medication, hair loss shampoo and serum. The second step is nourish the scalp. This is a three step process. The first step is to do a scalp stimulation using medical-grade ampoules. The second step is to use a low level laser therapy and the last step is to use a hair supplementation. After the scalp is nourished its time to move onto to the last phase. This last phase is to fortify with FUE.

What is Fue?

FUE which is a Follicular Unit Extraction which is considered the best way in many many countries including Singapore. FUE is when a donor follicle is placed in the balding area to be able to reattach and grow hair. This is a more permanent option. Most of these procedures are easy and risk free. The patient will in most cases be sedative during the operation. This is great operation is you suffer from male pattern baldness.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia which is also male pattern baldness occurs due to genetics and the male hormone testosterone. Genetically if this runs in the family the offspring will have a more likely chance of developing Alopecia. Some men are genetically altered to lose hair due to testosterone. Although some lifestyle factors such as stress, smokings, and diet can cause Alopecia the main reason are the first two. A study showed that by the age of 50 about 50% of those men have experienced hair loss.

Also some men have been taking over medication to help reduce balding spots. Although this method can help it is not the best. One popular medicine for hair loss is Finasteride which is only meant for men, women must not take this medication. Also other home remedy creams that are applied to the balding area to increase hair follicle creation. This is also much less effective then choosing the hair transplant option.

These first two options of the medication are great places to start if you do not want to invest much money. If the conditions worsen or there is no progression then it is time to go to Singapore and start your hair transplant.

Singapore is very well known for there hair transplant procedures. One of the best places to have the surgery done is in Singapore. Some of the best doctors for hair transplant in the world are in Singapore. The state of the art equipment and knowledge about this study makes the experts. Here they will move healthy hair follicles either from the side or top of the scalp which contains healthy hair. The healthy follicles will then be transplanted to the balding areas to increase hair growth. This procedure is not painful nor dangerous. The average cost of this is around six thousand dollars but the results are everlasting.

Don’t you want to style that hair again and have your wife run her fingers in your hair. Hair transplants are becoming more well known and people now are using this very affective method to gain back there self confidence and esteem. In Singapore they have helped thousands of men transform their baldness drastically. These three steps will help achieve hair growth that is permanent.