Hair Loss In Women After Pregnancy

Post Partum Hair Loss Fixes

Pregnancy, birth and raising a child is some of the most magical times in a persons life. That moment when your brand new baby looks up at you is unlike any other. However, in this moment you really have no idea about all of the chaos that is about to hit your life. From that moment, you are responsible for another person.

Many like to say that at 18, children are off and on there own, but any mother of adult children will tell you, your job is really never done. Among this chaos is the changes that can happen in a mothers body post partum. Hair loss, acne and many other hormonal side effects happen.

Effects After Pregnancy

Post Partum Hair Loss
The hormonal effect of pregnancy can cause many changes. After pregnancy many women can experience tooth decay, acne and even hair loss. Most of the time, this hair loss is only for a short period of time and regrowth quickly happens. Some women don’t even notice it. But for some women, post partum hair loss is extreme and even when the hormones level out, the hair never regrows. Post Partum hair loss can be embarrassing and overwhelming. Luckily, in this modern day of medicine, there are options to help assist a woman in regaining her confidence and getting her hair back.

Hair Transplantation Options
As a brand new mom, you don’t have time to be down due to something as cosmetic as hair loss. This is why hair transplantation is such a great option. There is very little down time and the process is nearly painless. Along with that, it is relatively in expensive compared to other options. The results are also basically forever. The option of hair transplantation basically in layman terms is transplanting hair from one part of the head to another. Therefore, it is a long term option. No un handy maintenance of a hair piece or trying to match your hair color as it changes over time. Medication is also an option. And if the medication can help work out the hormone issue, then maybe that is the best option. But often times, even after the hormones are leveled out, the hair loss is still there. Hair Transplantation is the best option when compared to all the other options on the market.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy Costs

New mom life is expensive. From paying the hospital bill to paying for diapers there is always another place that money is leaking out of your pocket. Therefore, the fact that hair transplantation is really not that expensive is another great reason to try it. The cost can vary based on the extremity of the hair loss and what is needed. But an average cost is right around 3000 dollars. Which is nothing if you compare the cost to having and maintaining a hair piece. Singapore is the central hub of hair transplantation. The research of hair transplantation there has been boundless in the last decade and the have developed new and great ways to do it painlessly and more cost effectively.

Can Hair Transplantation Help?

Side Effects
The great thing about the hair transplantation is that there are basically no side effects. There is a small amount of pain that occurs during and after the procedure but quickly goes away. Singapore Doctor, Dr Tyng is able to get people in and out in basically two appointments. Along with the initial consult, there is one appointment that you harvest the hair and one where you re plant it in your head. It sounds goofy to call it planting, but that is exactly what it is. You basically are re planting hair in your head so once your scalp has healed and regrowth has started, you can basically treat it like all the other hair on your body.

This is a great option for those women out there who suffered massive post partum loss because of hormone changes. Don’t let suffering from hair loss be a part of your life. Singapore has developed great options that don’t require harsh medication on your body or constant maintenance of a hair piece. Pregnancy, birth and raising children is a magical piece of life, don’t let it be dampened!

Hair Loss In Men: Male Pattern Baldness

Male Hairloss Pattern
As a man matures sometimes the hair follicles do not follow, and sometimes its not age its male pattern baldness also known as alopecia. Sometimes the balding begins in the front or the crown of head and further extends. This may be troubling but don’t worry there are options to help you out. When balding occurs this can also trigger less self confidence and insecurity. Some men try hiding it with hats or try to style the hair that is left differently. Get rid of the hat, and change that hairstyle once you got your full lush locks back.

Tips To Help You Grow Back Your Hair

Here are some things that can be done about balding: First is a hair transplant, the second thing is oral medications, and lastly the robotic hair transplant.

These three tips will help you grow back that full lush hair and it is to block DHT, nourish the scalp and fortify with FUE.

DHT which is the main reason for hair loss. Therefore to grow the hair you need to remove the DHT from the scalp. Blocking DHT is easy with medication, hair loss shampoo and serum. The second step is nourish the scalp. This is a three step process. The first step is to do a scalp stimulation using medical-grade ampoules. The second step is to use a low level laser therapy and the last step is to use a hair supplementation. After the scalp is nourished its time to move onto to the last phase. This last phase is to fortify with FUE.

What is Fue?

FUE which is a Follicular Unit Extraction which is considered the best way in many many countries including Singapore. FUE is when a donor follicle is placed in the balding area to be able to reattach and grow hair. This is a more permanent option. Most of these procedures are easy and risk free. The patient will in most cases be sedative during the operation. This is great operation is you suffer from male pattern baldness.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia which is also male pattern baldness occurs due to genetics and the male hormone testosterone. Genetically if this runs in the family the offspring will have a more likely chance of developing Alopecia. Some men are genetically altered to lose hair due to testosterone. Although some lifestyle factors such as stress, smokings, and diet can cause Alopecia the main reason are the first two. A study showed that by the age of 50 about 50% of those men have experienced hair loss.

Also some men have been taking over medication to help reduce balding spots. Although this method can help it is not the best. One popular medicine for hair loss is Finasteride which is only meant for men, women must not take this medication. Also other home remedy creams that are applied to the balding area to increase hair follicle creation. This is also much less effective then choosing the hair transplant option.

These first two options of the medication are great places to start if you do not want to invest much money. If the conditions worsen or there is no progression then it is time to go to Singapore and start your hair transplant.

Singapore is very well known for there hair transplant procedures. One of the best places to have the surgery done is in Singapore. Some of the best doctors for hair transplant in the world are in Singapore. The state of the art equipment and knowledge about this study makes the experts. Here they will move healthy hair follicles either from the side or top of the scalp which contains healthy hair. The healthy follicles will then be transplanted to the balding areas to increase hair growth. This procedure is not painful nor dangerous. The average cost of this is around six thousand dollars but the results are everlasting.

Don’t you want to style that hair again and have your wife run her fingers in your hair. Hair transplants are becoming more well known and people now are using this very affective method to gain back there self confidence and esteem. In Singapore they have helped thousands of men transform their baldness drastically. These three steps will help achieve hair growth that is permanent.

Hair Loss Facts You Should Know About Today And How To Stop It

Loss of hair affects individuals at every stage of life. Thinning, breakage, bald patches and poor condition can affect your appearance and undermine your confidence, in your career and in your social life. Understanding the facts about thinning hair and baldness can help you take steps to minimize the problem. Fortunately, solutions such as hair transplantation can help individuals to restore their appearance and their self-confidence.

Signs You’re Losing Your Hair
Loss of hair can be subtle, at first. You may notice more hair in your comb or brush during your morning grooming routine. You may notice more hair in the drain after your shower. Your favorite style may not look as full and flattering as it once did. You may notice your forehead is enlarging, due to a receding hairline. These are all common signs that should trigger action on your part to prevent further loss of hair.

Hair Loss Causes

Causes of Losing Your Hair
Once you become aware of losing your hair, you should do a careful assessment of the factors that can result in this problem. Genetic factors, such as having a close relative that has significant balding, can be the cause of the loss of hair. Hormonal changes, which often causes female hair loss during pregnancy and menopause, can be a cause, as can certain medications.

Some medical conditions, such as alopecia or infections that affect the scalp, can lead to loss of hair. If you are having radiation therapy, you may experience hair falling out. Even severe, prolonged stress can cause loss of hair. Over-processing of the hair can also lead to damage to hair follicles and hair falling out prematurely.

Male Pattern Baldness
As men age, they may develop loss of hair at the crown of the head. This area of baldness can increase in circumference over the years. This loss of hair follicles thought to have hereditary roots, although scientists are not certain exactly why it occurs. The use of minoxidil, a hair-regrowing compound, can help to fill in bald spots at the crown of the head. However, this drug is not always effective in regrowing hair.

Excessive Processing of the Hair
More than ever before, men are undergoing processes on their hair to achieve fashionable looks. However, the constant blowdrying, color-treating, pulling and tying into pony tails, buns and other trendy hairstyles, can cause damage to the scalp and hair follicles. Over time, this can increase the risk for hair loss.

Limit the amount of chemical treatment to your hair. Be gentle when washing, drying and brushing the hair. Protect your hair and scalp from ultraviolet rays from the run. Avoid smoking, which has been linking to baldness. Avoid medications and supplements that could lead to hair loss. If you are receiving chemotherapy, ask your physician for a cooling cap, which can help preserve hair.

DHT Production Effect

DHT Production Can Lead To Loss of Hair
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a male hormone that is naturally produced in the body, to give men their male characteristics. This hormone is thought to play a part in the development of male pattern baldness that often occurs in men over the age of 40. High levels of dihydrotestosterone are known to shrink hair follicles and shorten the normal growing pattern of hair.

A prescription medication called finesteride, brand name Propecia) can help to inhibit dihydrotestosterone production in the body, which can help to halt loss of hair. If you are experiencing noticeable thinning or loss of hair, consult with your doctor about taking finesteride.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Advances in Hair Transplantation
Over recent years, hair transplant techniques have improved significantly. Previously, hair restoration surgeons took large sections of hair follicles that would be transplanted onto areas where loss of hair was significant. Today, much smaller sections are taken from areas where hair is growing normally, such as the sides and the back of the head. These are then transplanted onto balding or thin areas. Healing is faster, with less discomfort, and the result looks much more natural.

Losing your hair can be a disturbing event. A visit to your doctor and an intensive investigation of grooming habits can help you to determine the cause of your loss of hair and can provide clues to help reduce thinning. You can rely on Singapore hair clinics to help provide solutions for balding, so you can enjoy the confidence of a good appearance.

Female Hair Loss And Male Pattern Baldness Treated With FUE Hair Transplant

When thinking about hair loss, often people think men. But what many people don’t know is that women can suffer from genetic hair loss as well. When women suffer hair loss it is even more catastrophic because it affects her entire appearance and affects the way she feels about herself. Female pattern hair loss is less common but is still a major problem that needs dealt with. If you are one of these females suffering patterned hair loss then consider getting hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a relatively new process that can help you feel better about yourself.

Hair Transplant Basics

The Basics
Hair transplantation is a process that takes hair from a thicker part of your scalp and transplants it into the thin areas of your head. The procedure takes a few appointments, however, it is relatively painless and there is basically no downtime.

Just like most other medical procedures, a person has to be cleared to receive the procedure. If you are a person who is more susceptible to infection or have other health factors in play, then it is likely that you will not be able to receive the transplant.

Along with that, there are specific things that the doctors need out of the hair. There has to be a site with thick enough hair to transplant from. There also has to be a healthy enough scalp to transplant the hair to. Another factor that plays into whether or not FUE is a good option for you is the overall health of your head. The severity of your hair loss plays a big part because there has to be enough healthy hair to transplant and health skin to transplant it to.

Hair Growth Factors

The doctors that complete the hair transplantation like those found on also like to see that the site that you are transplanting to has plenty of healthy blood vessels. There is no point in spending the time and money to transplant hair if there isn’t enough blood getting pumped to the area to keep the transplanted hair alive. You will also want to rule out any other problems before doing hair transplantation. Often times, hair loss is the result of major hormonal changes.

These changes can take place after childbirth or with aging. There are a few other reasons that your hair could be falling out. So it is super important to rule out any other options before doing a medical procedure like FUE. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is the basic process of the hair transplantation.

The Benefits
The major benefit to hair transplantation is that it is long term. After the initial transplant you have to do very little maintenance and you can treat the hair basically like your own. This is unlike hair pieces that have to have daily maintenance as well as be replaced every few years. Another major benefit is that this is the first hair transplantation technique that does not require anesthesia or major bodily invastion.

Also, it is not like medications that rely on hormonal treatment to improve hair growth. It can get scary any time that hormones are involved. Another benefit to hair transplantation is it can improve your self confidence. Hair loss can reel a major blow to how you feel about yourself and your confidence. Don’t let this happen and be sure to check out FUE.

Another major benefit to FUE is that the technology has improved tremendously and is more likely to work. Before, rates were near 50 percent of hair would stick when transplanted. Now the numbers are up in the 80 to 90 percent. This is because the technology has improved so much. Along with that, a great benefit is that the treatment is long term. There is very little maintenance so you will have great longterm effects.

Where Can It Be Done?
The major hub of FUE technology is in Singapore. This is where a lot of the most recent research has been done. This is also where there are the most clinics that are experienced and able to do it successfully. So if you are wanting the highest quality doctors then a trip to Singapore would be your best option. However, there are many clinics popping up across the United States as well.

California and other areas along the west coast are increasingly gaining clinics that can help with hair loss. This is likely because the greater influence on appearance that there is in Los Angeles and other west coast and Californian cities. If you see a local hair salon offering a similar product, be aware that real FUE can only be completed by doctors. Don’t get scammed into a cheaper product that is not as effective. Be sure to utilize a legitimate doctor office.

Hair Restoration Costs

Hair transplantation is not exactly a cheap procedure. The average cost is right around 3000 dollars. The technology that goes into it is pretty new and therefore still pretty expensive. However, if you consider the cost over a lifetime of hair pieces or the cost of long term medication, it will all play out that FUE is actually cheaper. Even though there is an initial expensive cost, the maintenance is significantly less than with other options. Hair treatments such as toupees or other type of fake hair also takes time and effort to get it to match correctly. The drama of maintaining and caring for the stick on hair is not worth it. FUE is inexpensive over the course of a lifetime and is worth not having to deal with the maintenance.

As a woman, the cost of hair loss is much more than just cosmetic. Feeling good about yourself and beautiful no matter what your age is very important. When it comes to hair loss there are many different options to try. However, one of the best options is to participate in FUE. The hair transplantation is quick, painless and inexpensive when compared to other options. The long term fix of this procedure is worth it.